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  1. ‘File 15/10 – Vol. III Rules and Regulations:- (i) F.R. (ii) C.S.R. Corrections and Amendments Audit Instructions’ [‎137r] (271/330)

    19 an age which would otherwise render the award or continuance of the pen sion inadmissible. 25. Any award made under rule 33 or rule 34 shall be subject to review in the event of an improvement in the pecuniary circumstances of the pen sioner, and the lo ...

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  2. File 137/1904 Pt 2 'Aden Protectorate: Turkish Aggression' [‎11r] (30/582)

    fill 5; I I No. 3991, dated Bombay Castle, the 5th (received 10th) July 1913 (Confideujtial) ! 9 Secretary t0 the Government o£i ^ To- -The Secretary to the Government of India in the Foreign Department. In continuation of my letter No. 2178, dated the 3rd ...

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  3. '189 Trade Report of Bahrain Islands.' [‎355r] (715/756)

    kr?A«a ritish. Consulate. Shiraz. September 10. 1925. cV-yX*-—~ * I should be obliged if you would kindly let me know the weights of Import and Export of Loaf-sugar,Crystal sugar,and Tea to and from Bahrain during the months (a)May and June 1925 ,(b)July,A ...

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  4. Three Books on the Soul ‎[F-1-357] (357/377)


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