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  1. Defending the Qurʼan Against Slander


    image 204 of 222 Ref: 12978 Date(s): 1911
  2. 'File 27/1 Koweit Trade Reports' [‎54r] (112/522)

    Commercial (32338/13) Sir:- POREIGN OFFICE V Jul;/ 2L 1913 With reference to'h/our Despatch No. 243 I am directed hy Secretary Sir Edward Grey to state that your report, enclosed therein, upon the trade of Koweit for the year 1912-1913 will not for politic ...

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  3. Weekly Diaries [‎79r] (174/494)

    No. 39/76" c 1915. POLITICAL AQBNCT. Hews for the week ending the 2nd October 1915, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& logfj* a(wilrm/le8t , 1B5« Shaikh Hamad bin Muhatmnad A1 Khalifah was summoned to the Agency on the JJOth for an enquiry into an accusation of his having ...

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  4. 'File 6/2 I Recruits for the Bahrain State Police and Supply of Clothing, Arms, and Ammunition for them' [‎312r] (634/800)

    t ■w 3 ^ Z Li 3 /6/2 of 1928. The Political Agency* Bahrain, . Dated the ^-/£ January 192Qf. To The Adviser, Bahrain State, BAHRAIN Memorandum , I acknowledge with thanks the receipt of a cheque for Rs.e/e/- ( Rupees Six and Annas Eight only) forwarded wit ...

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  5. 'File 8/11 Proscribed newspapers and seditious press articles' [‎24r] (47/260)

    • ••••••• in the intornational wo.r the -^ritiGh. chose "uhan- nad Sharif a« a spy In Bahrain and he willingly made his position mown, and fo this service was given the title of k han Sahib, Afterwards ho strove so hard that c.s a result of the killing of ...

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