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  1. 'File 18/55 I (C 101) Bahrain Order in Council' [‎151r] (315/477)

    21 (c) For applying, amending, modifying, or repealing with respect to Bahrein any Acts or enactments which apply, or are made applicable or have been bronght into operation in Bahrein by or under any of the provisions of Article 11 of this Order. { image 315 of 477

  2. 'File 18/54 I (A 89) Muscat Order in Council: new regulations' [‎45r] (97/396)

    From Major S^CKKnox, , Political Agent and Muscat, To J»G.Lorimer,Esquire, I,E,, I.'T.B., Political Resident in the Persian Gulf, a Bushire. British Agency and Consulate, Muscat, the IvVnti January Sir, \ ik 1 I have "one nonour to aukno^ledge t/he receipt ...

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  3. ‘File 15/1 II Rules and Regulation Finance Dept. Circulars received from the Govt. of India’ [‎313r] (625/728)

    No 4 F.21(9)-Ex.1/35. Gcvernmcnt of India. Finance Department. New Delhi, the 2 8th March, 1935. From W. Christie, M.C,, I.C.S., Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, To All Minor Local Governments. Subject:- Interpretation of the term "'Government ...

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  4. ‘File 15/2 I Rules & Regulations Home Department Circulars’ [‎76r] (153/876)

    iio• 1630-67/23 of 1927. ■ / r , , British Residency & Consulate (xene ral, Bushire, the 23rd Juli A copy of the undermentioned is forwarded to - The Political Agent, Muscat, The Political Agent, Bahrain, ^ The Political Agent, Kuwait, His Majesty's Consul ...

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