‘Military report on Persia. Vol IV, part I. Persian Baluchistan, Kerman and Bandar Abbas.’


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The record is made up of 81 folios. It was created in 1923. It was written in English. The original is part of the British Library: India Office The department of the British Government to which the Government of India reported between 1858 and 1947. The successor to the Court of Directors. Records and Private Papers.

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Military report on Persia (volume IV, part I, covering Persian Baluchistan, Kermān and Bandar Abbas [Bandar-e ʻAbbās]), dated 1922, and published by the Central Government Press at Simla in 1923. The report’s chapters cover:

  • History , including: Persia’s recent political history; a recent history of Persian Baluchistan, and military operations in Persia Baluchistan, notably the operations at Dizak in 1901-02, operations against maritime arms trafficking in 1909, an expedition against Makrān in 1911 to check arms trafficking, and operations against the Dāmānīs in East Persia in 1916, to protect British interests in Persia; b) a brief history of Kermān; and c) a brief history of Bandar-e ʻAbbās.
  • Geography for Persian Baluchistan; Kermān; and Bandar-e ʻAbbās, with headings for boundaries, administrative districts, and the principal villages for each region, as well as sections on rivers, lakes, mountains, harbours and deserts as appropriate. The section on Bandar-e ʻAbbās includes a description of buildings, water supply, camping grounds, roads and local industry. There are also descriptions of the principal islands off the Persian Baluchistan coast: Qishm [Qeshm], Henjam [Hengam] and Hormuz.
  • Ethnography , including: general characteristics; notes for intelligence officers; sections on the population and tribes of Persian Baluchistan, Kermān Bandar-e ʻAbbās.
  • Climate and Health , including details of medical facilities.
  • Resources , including: transport (camels, mules, donkeys, horse and oxen); and supplies, chiefly of agricultural crops, by region and village.
  • Military , including: British garrisons and South Persia Rifles; the Persian Army; the fighting strength of the Persian tribes, organised by region and village; military notes on Persian Baluchistan, including the arms traffic in the Persian Gulf Historically used by the British to refer to the sea area between the Arabian Peninsula and Iran. Often referred to as The Gulf or the Arabian Gulf. .
  • Communications , including: the railway line between Mirjāwā [Mīrjāveh] and Duzdāp, its facilities (water, rolling stock, telegraph), and risks of damage to the line; other proposed lines between Bandar-e ʻAbbās and Kermān, and Gwadar and Kermān; cable, wireless, telephone lines, and visual signalling stations.
  • Political , including an outline of administration in Persian Baluchistan, Kermān and Bandar-e ʻAbbās, and information on currency, weights and measures.

Appendix A is a list of the nomadic tribes of the Kermān province, listed by district and the number of families in each tribe. Appendix B is a list of the annual subsidies paid to chiefs in Persian Baluchistan by the Indo-European Telegraph Department, for the protection of lines passing through their district. Appendix C is a table of resources (livestock, agricultural produce), with figures indicating the requirements for local consumption in each district. Appendix D is a distribution statement of the Sarhad Levy Corps as of 1 July 1922.

The maps and plans include: a map of Persian Baluchistan (folio 78); a map of Kerman and its environs (folio 77); a diagram of the Mīrjāveh station yard (folio 74); a diagram of Duzdāp station yard (folio 76); a sketch map showing signalling and heliograph posts between Chahbar and Geh (folio 75); and a sketch map showing communications between Kerman and Saidabad (folio 79).

Extent and format
81 folios

The volume is arranged into eight chapters (labelled I-VIII), followed by four appendices (A-D), and finishing with six maps and plans, as set out on the volume’s contents page (f. 2). Each chapter is arranged by a series of headings and subheadings. The volume also has an alphabetically arranged index (ff. 65-71). The contents and index pages use the report’s pagination system.

Physical characteristics

Pagination: The report has a printed pagination sequence. Page numbers appear at the top and centre of each page.

Foliation: There is a foliation sequence, which is circled in pencil, in the top-right corner of the recto The front of a sheet of paper or leaf, often abbreviated to 'r'. of each folio. It begins on the first folio with text, on number 1, and ends on the last of the various maps and plans that are inserted at the back of the volume, on number 79. Total number of folios: 79. Total including covers and flysheets: 81. Note that the foliation sequence on the maps and plans does not follow the order that the maps and plans are listed on the volume’s contents page (f.2). The plan of Bandar Abbās, listed on the report contents page, is missing from the volume.

Written in
English in Latin script
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British Library: India Office The department of the British Government to which the Government of India reported between 1858 and 1947. The successor to the Court of Directors. Records and Private Papers
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Catalugue No O.P.-38 Case No. 1255 (N.S.)

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1923 (CE, Gregorian)

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