Kitāb al-bayṭarah كتاب البيطرة Azdī, Aḥmad ibn ʿAtīq أزدي، أحمد بن عتيق

Or 1523

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The record is made up of Codex A collection of pages, usually gathered into quires, and bound between covers. ; ff. i+111+i. It was created in Rajab 620. It was written in Arabic. The original is part of the British Library: Oriental Manuscripts.

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A treatise on hippiatrics, discussing their good and bad points, training, diseases and treatment. The text is an abridgement of the Kitāb al-furūsīyah wa-l-bayṭarah (كتاب الفروسية والبيطرة) by Muḥammad ibn Yaʿqūb Ibn Akhī Ḥizām (محمد بن يعقوب بن أخي حزام; see British Library, Add. MS 23416). This abridgement is attributed to Abū Muḥammad Aḥmad ibn ‘Atīq al-Azdī (أبو محمد أحمد بن عتيق الأزدي; see ff. 1r, 1v and 111r where he is called Abū Aḥmad [أبو أحمد]).

The text contains two illustrations. The first (ff. 22v-23r) labels the horse's good points; the second (ff. 62v-63r) its defects. On f. 110v appear two amuletic squares for the treatment of 'rupture (انقطاع)'.

The copy was completed 10 (?) Rajab 620/9 (?) August 1223 (see colophon Section at the end of a manuscript text. , f. 111v, lines 5-6 transcribed below) by an unnamed scribe.


Begins (f. 1v, lines 2-3):

قال الشيخ الجليل أحمد بن عتيق الأزدي

الحمد لله مبتدع الخلق بلا مثال ومنشي الأشياء من

غير أشكال حمد مبتدع مزيده معتقد توحيده مصدق

Ends (f. 111r, line 12-111v, line 1):

قال الشيخ أبو أحمد هذا الذي وجته

من الأدوية والعلاجات وهما جهي (؟) على السنة

الحكماء الهندية والرومية وما التزمناه من الفروسية

وآلاتها وبالله التوفيق عليه أتوكل ولا حول

ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم

Colophon Section at the end of a manuscript text. (f. 111v, lines 2-11):

تم كتاب البيطرة بحمد الله


وحسن توفيقه ومنّه

بتأريخ العشر الأوسط من شهر رجب

سنة عشرين وستمائة

غفر الله لمن دعا لكاتبه ولصاحبه بالرحمة والمغفرة

وللمسلمين أجمعين

وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد خاتم النبيين وآله صحبه


وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

Extent and format
Codex A collection of pages, usually gathered into quires, and bound between covers. ; ff. i+111+i
Physical characteristics

Material: Paper

Dimensions: 210 x 140 mm leaf [152 x 95 mm written]

Foliation: British Museum foliation in pencil; quire Collection of papers folded in half and stitched together to form a gathering of folios. signatures in black ink are occsionally visible

Ruling: Misṭarah ; 15 lines per page; vertical spacing 10 lines per 10 cm

Script: Naskh

Ink: Black, with illustrations in red, yellow and black

Binding: Morocco leather Islamic binding, without flap; blind tooled medallion, pendants and border

Condition: Minor insect damage, some grime, minor repairs to f. 1

Marginalia: Very few

Written in
Arabic in Arabic script

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Access & Reference

Original held at
British Library: Oriental Manuscripts
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Archive reference
Or 1523

History of this record

Rajab 620 (AH, Hijri qamari)
Immediate source of acquisition

Purchased from Sir H. Rawlinson, 24 November 1877

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Finding aids

Rieu, Charles, Supplement to the Catalogue of the Arabic Manuscripts (London: The British Museum 1894), Item 813, pp. 550-51

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  • Shehada, Housni Alkhateeb, Mamluks and Animals: Veterinary Medicine in Medieval Islam , (Brill: Leiden, 2013), pp. 118-20 and 169-70
  • Ullmann, Manfred, Die Medizin im Islam (Leiden: Brill, 1970), pp. 219-20

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Kitāb al-bayṭarah كتاب البيطرة Azdī, Aḥmad ibn ʿAtīq أزدي، أحمد بن عتيق, British Library: Oriental Manuscripts, Or 1523, in Qatar Digital Library <> [accessed 23 July 2024]

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