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  1. Coll 1/23 'Aden, Administration and Control: changes consequent on Indian Constitutional Charges; transfer to HMG'

    The volume contains extensive reports, memoranda and correspondence documenting discussions of the possible transfer of the civil administration of Aden ...

    1,106 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/1459  Date(s): 24 Jan 1933-11 Jan 1934
  2. 'File 8/7 I Jidda Intelligence Reports'

    The file contains intelligence reports on the Kingdom of Hejaz, Najd and its Dependencies (after September 1932, Saudi Arabia) written by the British Legation ...

    536 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/295  Date(s): Jul 1931-Dec 1934
  3. File 16/57 I Routine correspondence with British agencies and consulates other than Bushire

    Correspondence and other papers of a routine nature, exchanged between the Political Agency in Bahrain, and other British offices in the Persian Gulf, ...

    564 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/1568  Date(s): 22 Feb 1944-10 Mar 1947
  4. File 4535/1928 Pt 16 ‘Persian Gulf: Political Control Report of the Warren Fisher Committee.’

    The file contains papers concerning political control in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula. The first half of the file relates to the inter-departmental ...

    573 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/1273  Date(s): 8 May 1929-8 Aug 1939
  5. Coll 1/67 'Aden. Changes in administration in the event of separation from India: miscellaneous questions'

    The file contains correspondence, memoranda and reports regarding administrative changes to be made upon the transfer of Aden from the Government of India ...

    769 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/1505  Date(s): 2 Jun 1936-15 Nov 1937
  6. Coll 1/49 'Aden. Administration and control: changes consequent on Indian constitutional reforms; transfer to HMG'

    The volume contains papers regarding the transfer of the civil administration of Aden from the Government of India to the Colonial Office, and the preparation ...

    968 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/1485  Date(s): 12 Oct 1933-3 Jun 1937
  7. Coll 1/2 'Administrative policy: arrangements for achievement of Imperial purposes at Aden; transfer of administration to Government of India (from Government of Bombay)'

    Papers regarding the transfer of the civil administration of Aden from the Government of Bombay to the Government of India, and the institution of Aden ...

    876 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/1444  Date(s): 11 Mar 1931-23 Nov 1932
  8. PZ 63/31 'Arabia: Settlement of Iraq-Hejaz Raid Claims'

    The file comprises telegrams, despatches, correspondence, memoranda, and notes, relating to raid claims issuing between Iraq and the Kingdom of Hejaz and ...

    138 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/3  Date(s): 8 Jan 1931-21 May 1931
  9. Coll 1/59 'Aden. Lease of the Perim Coal Company at Perim: future of Perim and provision of a wireless set'

    The file contains papers regarding the operation of certain businesses on Perim, negotiations for their withdrawal from the island, and arrangements for ...

    911 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/1497  Date(s): 24 Jun 1935-21 Oct 1937
  10. Coll 1/71 'Aden Protectorate Order in Council 1937'

    The file contains correspondence between the Colonial Office, the India Office Political Department, and the Government of India Foreign and Political ...

    178 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/1508  Date(s): 8 Jul 1936-2 Sep 1948