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  1. Manumission, Not Abolition: British Mediations over Slavery in the Gulf

    early twentieth-century copies in English, Arabic, Marathi, Gujarati and Kanarese. IOR/R/15/1/214, f....

  2. The Emergence of Qatar: Pelly’s Role in Britain’s 1868 Recognition of the State

    Pelly insisted on having the declarations to uphold the maritime peace that the Arab rulers had made...

  3. The Death of Captain Shakespear

    http://www.qdl.qa/en/archive/81055/vdc_100022698600.0x000032 Describing the Battle of Jarrāb in his book about Ibn Sa‘ud, the Lebanese Arab-American ...

  4. Foundation of an Empire: The East India Company’s Early Trade in Silk and Wool

    the period. A breakdown in Persian central authority coincided with the rise of Arab tribes, particularly...