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  1. Pearls, or Selections of Fond Memory and Immortal Imprint

    to Egypt in 1876, where he joined the circle of the well-known political agitator Jamal al-Din al-Afghani,... being exiled from Egypt. ...

    313 images in record  Ref: 12927  Date(s): 1901
  2. A Journey through the Atmosphere on an Airship

    Middle East and North Africa Egypt Ballooning Description and travel Science fiction 843 892...

    162 images in record  Ref: 12965  Date(s): 1884
  3. The Commentary of al-Allāma Ibn ʻAqīl on “al-Alfiya” by al-Allāma Ibn Mālik

    1294?-1367 Author 1885 Al-Maṭba‘a al-Adabīya Beirut 1250/1367 Middle East and North Africa Egypt Arabic...

    171 images in record  Ref: 12960  Date(s): 1885