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  1. ‘Letters from Persia received July 29.1856’

    This bundle consists of summaries, and partial transcripts, of secret letters received from HM Consul at Tehran, Richard W Stevens (7, 16, 20 and 22 June ...

    8 images in record  Ref: Mss Eur F231/28, ff 46-49  Date(s): 29 Jul 1856
  2. 'Memorandum respecting the Aden Frontier Delimitation'

    The file consists of a memorandum giving an account of the Aden frontier delimitation, and treaty relations with the Aden tribes from 1873. Compiled by ...

    22 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/18/B156  Date(s): Mar 1906
  3. ‘Letters from Mr Murray received Aug:4.1856’

    This bundle consists of summaries, and partial transcripts, of secret letters received from HM Minister to Persia, Charles Augustus Murray, residing at ...

    8 images in record  Ref: Mss Eur F231/28, ff 56-59  Date(s): 4 Aug 1856
  4. File 1356/1912 Pt 2 'Turco-Persian Frontier:- negotiations at Constantinople. (Mohammerah Boundary)'

    The volume discusses the ongoing negotiations in Constantinople between the Ottoman, British and Russian Governments through 1912 and 1913 regarding the ...

    680 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/267  Date(s): 26 Aug 1912-4 Sep 1913
  5. File 1421/1908 Pt 1 'Persia: oil; D'Arcy Oil Syndicate'

    Part 1 consists of correspondence relating to work connected to the Persian oil wells of the D'Arcy Syndicate, and Concessions Syndicate Ltd. The correspondence ...

    218 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/143/1  Date(s): Mar 1904-May 1909
  6. File 1508/1905 Pt 5 Bahrain: cholera and plague

    Part five contains correspondence relating to plague and cholera outbreaks in the Persian Gulf. The correspondence, mostly telegrams, is between the Political ...

    76 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/83/3  Date(s): Apr 1911-Jan 1912
  7. File 4030/1913 Pt 1-2 'Baghdad Railway'

    This volume comprises two parts that contain correspondence that relates to the same topic, namely a concession that was granted to the shipping magnate, ...

    482 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/414  Date(s): 3 Sep 1913-21 Jul 1914
  8. File 345/1908 Pt 2 'Mohammerah: situation. Sheikh's dispute with the Vali of Basra. decoration for Sheikh. renewed assurances to Sheikh.'

    Correspondence including telegrams, hand written letters and printed enclosures, discusses an attack by a Turkish gun-boat on a village - Zain, belonging ...

    566 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/133  Date(s): 1910-1915
  9. File 4880/1913 Pt 1-2 'Turco-Persian Frontier Commission'

    Correspondence, reports and maps concerning the Turco-Persian Frontier Commission of 1913. Part 1 concerns arrangements for an Anglo-Russian loan to the ...

    636 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/430  Date(s): 1913-1915
  10. File 2764/1904 Pt 3 'Baghdad Railway: general negotiations 1910-1912.'

    The volume comprises telegrams, despatches, correspondence, memoranda, newspaper cuttings, maps and notes, relating to negotiations over the proposed Berlin ...

    544 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/58  Date(s): 1910-1912