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  1. ‘Calls himself an Englishman’: The shifting loyalties of Harry Philby

    mission to Ibn Saud, the Amir of Nejd and future King of Saudi Arabia, in 1917-18. He soon found his... of a British adviser ...

  2. Coll 6/91(2) 'Saudi Arabia: Policy of H.M.G. Assistance to King Ibn Saud (British Military Mission to Saudi Arabia)'

    This file concerns arrangements for a military mission to Saudi Arabia, financed by the British Government. The file consists of correspondence between ...

    129 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2164  Date(s): Feb 1946-14 Mar 1947
  3. Coll 7/24 'Arabia: supply of munitions of war to King Ibn Saud and Imam of Yemen'

    The file consists of correspondence regarding the supply of arms and ammunition to Ibn Sa'ūd and the Imam of Yemen, in the context of the British policy ...

    112 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2192  Date(s): 29 Nov 1933-24 Sep 1936
  4. Coll 6/19 'Arabia: (Saudi Arabia) Hejaz-Nejd Annual Report.'

    This file contains copies of annual reports regarding the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd (later Saudi Arabia) during the years 1930-1938 and 1943-1944. The ...

    540 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2085  Date(s): 18 Apr 1931-18 May 1945
  5. Coll 6/21(2) 'Saudi Arabia: Relations with H.M.G.: Saudi Legation in London and British Minister in Jeddah. Prolongation of Treaty of Jedda.'

    This file, like the previous volume (IOR/L/PS/12/2087), concerns relations between the British Government and the Government of Saudi Arabia. The file ...

    761 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2088  Date(s): 14 Jan 1935-12 Apr 1947
  6. ‘1/1 Volume III Koweit Saudi Relations’

    Correspondence and other papers concerning relations between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and efforts to negotiate the lifting of a trade blockade, imposed ...

    474 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/5/111  Date(s): 30 Mar 1935-4 Jul 1935
  7. ‘1/1 Volume II Koweit Saudi relations’

    Correspondence and other papers concerning relations between Britain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The volume is a direct chronological continuation of ‘1/1 ...

    534 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/5/110  Date(s): 5 Jul 1933-13 Mar 1935
  8. Coll 30/149 'Bahrain: Saudi Relations with Bahrain. Proposed visit of Emir Saud to Bahrain.'

    The file concerns visits to Bahrain by members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia; in particular the visit of Emir Saud [Sa‘ūd bin ‘Abd al-‘Azīz ...

    123 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/3884  Date(s): 30 Sep 1937-2 Dec 1941
  9. Coll 30/112 'Koweit: Saudi-Koweit Frontier Incidents.'

    The file concerns an incursion into the territory of Koweit [Kuwait] by an armed party of Saudi Arabian subjects in May 1935, their return to Saudi Arabia ...

    148 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/3841  Date(s): 14 May 1935-5 Dec 1935
  10. Coll 30/172 'Attitude of Ibn Saud (Saudi Arabia) towards Arab rulers in Persian Gulf and P. Gulf affairs.'

    The file contains correspondence from British officials concerning the attitude of the Government of Saudi Arabia (specifically that of its king, Ibn Saud ...

    66 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/3909  Date(s): 5 Dec 1938-2 May 1939