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  1. Pencil list of Lewis Pelly's assets and debts

    Pencil list comprising all the assets and debts that Lewis Pelly has at the time of writing. The assets list includes details of the monies Pelly has to ...

    2 images in record  Ref: Mss Eur F126/9, f 43  Date(s): 1874?
  2. 'List of scenes from the play the tragedy of Imaum Houssein'

    The scenes on the list are numbered one to fifty-four in the order in which they are supposed to be rehearsed. Some of the numbered scenes have pencil ...

    8 images in record  Ref: Mss Eur F126/11, ff 1-4  Date(s): c 1879
  3. List of Chiefs within the Rajpootana [Rājasthān] Agency

    Printed list of all the Chiefs within the Rajpootana [Rājasthān] Agency. The list is taken from volume III of an unknown publication. The verso of the ...

    2 images in record  Ref: Mss Eur F126/77, f 12  Date(s): 1874?
  4. List of outgoing correspondence

    List detailing letters sent by Pelly prior to 12 October 1872: No. 1634/676 to Commander Keats (see folio three) No. 1635/677 Forwarding to Major (Edward ...

    2 images in record  Ref: Mss Eur F126/39, f 69  Date(s): 12 Oct 1872