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  1. ‘File 12/5 Wrecks of sailing boats and vessels in the sea and salvages’

    The file contains correspondence, statements made by nakhudas, bills and receipts, all related to incidents in which native vessels were wrecked or damaged ...

    568 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/1372  Date(s): 17 Nov 1929-12 Apr 1945
  2. ‘File 12/1 Casaulties – Rules for Boats approaching steamers etc.’

    The file comprises correspondence relating to incidents and accidents involving steamers at Bahrain, including: boats approaching steamers before they ...

    44 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/1368  Date(s): 26 Apr 1926-1 Jan 1934
  3. ‘File 12/4 I.E.T.S [Indo-European Telegraph Ship] “Patrick Stewart” ran ashore near “Fasht Adbal [Fasht ad Dībal]’

    The file comprises correspondence and telegrams relating to the running aground on 14 March 1927 of the Indo-European Telegraph Ship Patrick Stewart , ...

    50 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/1371  Date(s): 14 Mar 1927-6 May 1927