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  1. Coll 6/1 'Hejaz-Nejd: Franco-Hejaz-Nejd Treaty and Relations Hejaz-Syria Treaty.'

    Government. The beginning of the file relates to treaty negotiations between France and Ibn Saud's [‘Abd ... at the court of Ibn Saud. Reports on the progression of the treaty negotiations. Reports on the contents of the signed treaties (referred to in the correspondence as the Franco-Hejazi Treaty and the Syro-Hejazi ...

    110 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2061 Date(s): 18 Feb 1926-16 Dec 1937
  2. Coll 6/2 'Hejaz-Nejd: Italo-Hejaz-Nejd Treaty and Relations. Attitude of Saudi Govt during Italo-Ethiopian Dispute.'

    and Italy's respective treaty negotiations with Ibn Sa'ud [‘Abd al-‘Azīz bin ‘Abd al-Raḥmān bin Fayṣal Āl ... the completion and terms of two treaties (a Treaty of Friendship and a Treaty of Commerce) between the Government of Italy and the Government of Hejaz-Nejd. A copy of the treaty between the British Government ...

    368 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2062 Date(s): 9 Sep 1930-9 Aug 1938
  3. Coll 6/25 'Hejaz: Relations with Egypt.'

    by the British Government to recognise Ibn Saud as King of the Hejaz. The progress of treaty negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt during April-May 1932, and the signing of a treaty of friendship on 7 May 1936, ... treaty, together with a copy of the treaty itself. The French material in the file consists of several ...

    259 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2092 Date(s): 28 Dec 1925-22 Apr 1937
  4. Coll 6/32 'Turkey: Turco-Hejaz Relations: Turkish representative at Jeddah.'

    in Arabia. The conclusion of a treaty of friendship between the two countries (signed on 3 August 1929 ... treaty, together with a copy of a translation of the protocol of exchange of ratifications. The file ... King of Saudi Arabia International relations Treaties Diplomacy The papers are arranged in approximate ...

    96 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2098 Date(s): 18 May 1926-23 Jan 1937
  5. Coll 6/50 'Saudi Arabia: Saudi Relations with the Soviet.'

    of the Anglo-Italian Treaty [Anglo-Italian Agreement], but considered by the Foreign Office to be part of a general ...

    100 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2117 Date(s): 6 Jun 1932-20 Jun 1938
  6. Coll 6/67(3) 'Boundaries of South Eastern Arabia and Qatar.'

    The future of the Treaty of Jedda of 1927. Meetings held at the Foreign Office with Fuad Bey Hamza, Deputy ...

    830 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2136 Date(s): 7 Feb 1935-20 Dec 1935