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  1. 'Treaty with the Idrisi Saiyid. No 33A of 1915. Government of India Foreign and Political Department'

    Records and Private Papers, IOR/L/PS/18/B250a, 'Treaty with the Idrisi Saiyid. No 33A of 1915. Government ... Record(s), The file opens with two letters about the Treaty and is followed by the Treaty itself., Foliation: ... these numbers are also written in pencil, but are not circled., See also, This file contains a 'Treaty ...

    4 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/18/B250a Date(s): 1915
  2. Coll 1/12 'Policy in the Protectorate: treaty with the Upper Yafai Chiefs, and other Chiefs in the Protectorate'

    Records and Private Papers, IOR/L/PS/12/1450, Coll 1/12 'Policy in the Protectorate: treaty with the Upper ... of treaty relationships with tribes in the Aden Protectorate, comprising annotated treaty drafts, plus ... concerns a proposal by the Resident (Sir Stewart Symes) to replace existing individual tribal treaties ...

    376 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/1450 Date(s): 14 Feb 1929-1 Aug 1939
  3. File 600/1905 Pt 4-6 'Aden Hinterland Affairs'

    and conclusion of, treaty relations with several tribes and sections of tribes in the Aden Hinterland. ... Hinterland: Proposed Treaties with the Sultans of Beda and Audali; Treaty with Beda held in abeyance'|227r:227v|Unknown||, |Orphan Works|IOR/L/PS/10/75/1|File 600/1905 Pt 4 'Aden Hinterland: Proposed Treaties ...

    534 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/10/75 Date(s): 1903-1920
  4. Coll 6/7(2) 'The Yemen: Relations between H.M.G. and the Yemen.'

    Ḥamīd al-Dīn, Imam of Yemen]. It documents (from a British perspective) the progress of treaty negotiations between Britain and Yemen. Much of the correspondence discusses the terms of the proposed treaty between Britain and Yemen, including a contested third article from a draft treaty proposed by the Imam, ...

    732 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2069 Date(s): 16 Jun 1932-21 Sep 1933
  5. 'Memorandum on supplementary British commitments to the Idrisi regarding the Farsan Islands'

    Islands [Farasān, Jazā'ir] and the treaty of 30 April 1915. It contains quotes from correspondence ... and the Government of India., It covers: the islands history of possession; the agreed terms of the original treaty ... of the British flag. A copy of the Supplementary Treaty of 22 January 1917 is included in an appendix. A further ...

    6 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/18/B293A Date(s): 7 Jan 1919
  6. ‘Secret Letters received by way of Marseilles, March 31.1855’

    from Afghanistan regarding relations with Persia, opinions amongst Afghans on a proposed treaty ... Treaty (1855), India Office Private Papers, Qatar Foundation Partnership Programme, King of Afghanistan, ... Treaties, |Public Domain Works|Mss Eur F231/25, ff 65-76|‘Secret Letters received by way of Marseilles, ...

    24 images in record Ref: Mss Eur F231/25, ff 65-76 Date(s): 31 Mar 1855
  7. Coll 6/47 'Yemen: Relations between Italy and the Imam of the Yemen.'

    the following:, Reports in 1936 that the Treaty of Friendship (1926) between Italy and Yemen has been extended until November 1937., Details of negotiations for the renewal of the aforementioned treaty and reports ... summaries from 1933 and a copy of a translation of the Italian text of the treaty between Italy and Yemen, ...

    185 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/2114 Date(s): 2 Sep 1926-22 Sep 1939
  8. 'Memorandum on British commitments to the Idrisi'

    and the terms of a treaty with the Idrisi for co-operation against the Turks in return for independence. A copy of the treaty of 30 April 1915 is included in an appendix, with a summary of the main points in the memorandum. ... Intelligence Department, International relations, Treaties, |Orphan Works|IOR/L/PS/18/B293|'Memorandum ...

    6 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/18/B293 Date(s): 1918?
  9. Coll 1/7 'Protectorate Tribes: Relations with HMG; Conference of Tribal Chiefs'

    the following: the adoption of rules of procedure for the settlement of inter-tribal disputes; treaty discussions ... the following: the Anglo-Yemen Treaty (Treaty of San'a) of 1934; and the establishment of a college ... Tribes, Diplomacy, Treaty of San'a (1934), |Orphan Works|IOR/L/PS/12/1446|Coll 1/7 'Protectorate Tribes: ...

    122 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/12/1446 Date(s): 24 Feb 1931-1 Jul 1935
  10. 'Memorandum by Lieutenant-General J. W. Schneider, C.B.'

    the treaty or agreement concluded in 1876 which bound the Sultan Ali Bin Abdulla El-Alfreer and his ... Foundation Partnership Programme, Political Resident, Aden, Sultan of Socotra, Socotra, Treaties ...

    2 images in record Ref: IOR/L/PS/18/B42 Date(s): 23 Feb 1886