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  1. Country Profile: Qatar

    Empire, Britain signed a formal treaty with Qatar, establishing the emirate as a British protectorate.... National Library   Treaties ...

  2. The Emergence of Qatar: Pelly’s Role in Britain’s 1868 Recognition of the State

    tribe’s commitment to the maritime peace treaty. Mss Eur F126/40, f. 33v Competing Claims over the Territory Prior to this, Qatar’s tribes ...

  3. Qatari History: Pivotal Moments Revealed in India Office Records

    of Qatar, Shaikh Muhammad bin Thani, signed a treaty with Britain’s Political Resident in the Gulf, Lewis... 243 Petroleum Industry Treaties ...

  4. 'Text of Treaty, dated November 3, 1916, and ratified on March 23, 1918, between His Majesty's Government and Sheikh Abdullah-bin-Jasim-bin-Thani of al-Katar'

    This memorandum, printed by the India Office, is a copy of the English text of the 3 November 1913 treaty between Sheikh Abdullah-bin-Jasim-bin-Thani [Sheikh ...

    4 images in record  Ref: IOR/L/PS/18/B429  Date(s): Dec 1933
  5. 'Treaties and Agreements between the British Government and Certain Arab Rulers and Agreements between the Said Rulers inter se Affecting the British Government'

    The volume is Treaties and Agreements between the British Government and Certain Arab Rulers... Press, 1926). The volume contains transcripts ...

    54 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/1/733  Date(s): 1926
  6. 'A Collection of Treaties and Engagements relating to the Persian Gulf Shaikhdoms and the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman in force up to the End of 1953'

    only'. The volume is divided into sections containing transcripts of treaties and engagements relating to Bahrain; Kuwait; Qatar; Trucial States; ...

    92 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/1/738  Date(s): c 1954