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  1. 'File 61/14 XVII (D 76) Nejd-Iraq Relations' [‎49r] (108/440)

    on the ratification of the •project of the treaty of friendship and bon vol linage, r» freemen t should b« reached over the conclusion of an extradition treaty to conatitute the best security (or assurance) for the execution of the purpose aimed at by the treaty of friendship and bon voisin«ge» T # therefore, bsg ...

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  2. 'File 53/11 VIII (D 98) Date Gardens of Shaikhs of Kuwait and Mohammerah' [‎57r] (130/576)

    of the 19aa treaty, they were not Included In the list o the aoHMltswnts referred to la Article 10; end ... with the abortive treaty of 1987. After the signature of the 19£0 treaty, bat before Its sufmlsslon to th>- Iraijl ... treaty, and h« proposed. In the event of certain negotletlona for the poaaeaelon of the ahelkha* ...

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  3. 'Selections from the Records of the Bombay Government' [‎265] (307/733)

    34 TREATY (concluded ox the i7ril november j844) JiETWEBN THE KliNG OF THE FRENCH, and HIS HIGHNESS THE IMAUM OF MUSKAT. Finally raiijied on the Ath February 1846. ...

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  4. 'A Collection of Treaties and Engagements relating to the Persian Gulf Shaikhdoms and the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman in force up to the End of 1953' [‎front] (1/92)

    For Official Use only (19127) A Collection of Treaties and Engagements relating to the Persian Gulf Shaikhdoms and the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman in force up to the end of 1953 • goSSS^ JWwgJopy IO R N eg ...

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  5. 'Treaties and Undertakings etc in force between the British Government and the Rulers of Bahrain, 1820-1914' [‎front] (1/146)

    TREATIES AND UNDERTAKINGS, ETC IN FORCE BETWEEN THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT and THE RULERS OF BAHRAIN 1820—1914, e ni—iAr- a rrr—'rro o iHi r ™ microfilmed document do mot photocopy use ior meg ...

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  6. 'Précis of correspondence regarding the affairs of the Persian Gulf, 1801-1853' [‎21r] (41/344)

    1811-1814.—DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH PERSIA. 50. Sir Gore Ouseley concluded the Definitive Treaty in 1812, the basis of which was the preliminary treaty concluded by Sir Harford Jones. Some of the stipulations of this Definitive Treaty were altered in England, and in order to obtain the consent of the Shah ...

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  7. 'History of the Province of Gohud' [‎25v] (50/72)

    of Gwalior, under terms of his Treaty. On its arrival, however, it became apparent that Ambujee, acting under Scindiah's secret instructions, had only been deceiving the British Government in entering into the Treaty ... the fortress or fulfil the stipulations of the Treaty. The Governor-General was, however, not to be trifled ...

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  8. 'History of the Province of Gohud' [‎26r] (51/72)

    51 showed the impression which existed in the Governor* General's mind at the time of Treaty ... in the Treaty; but the fact was, that as the country of Gohud (in whatever manner formerly held by Scindiah) ... of persons stated in the ninth article of the Treaty of Peace." Again, on the 23d March 1804, the Agent, Sir ...

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  9. ‘A collection of treaties, engagements and sanads relating to India and neighbouring countries [...] Vol XI containing the treaties, & c., relating to Aden and the south western coast of Arabia, the Arab principalities in the Persian Gulf, Muscat (Oman), Baluchistan and the North-West Frontier Province’ [‎4r] (16/822)

    October 1880 145 LX.—Treaty of peace and friendship concluded with the Amir of Dhala, dated 28th November ... in his territory, dated June 1915 . 148 (14) T he W ahidi. NARRATIVE 27 TREATIES, etc., No. LX'I ... III.—Protectorate treaty concluded with the Wahidi Sultan of Balahaf, dated 30th April 1888 .... 150 LX1V.—Fresh ...

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    II • 2 • Agent in Bahrain* ARTICLE 5 . No person shall be surrendered under this Treaty for any offence committed previously to its coming into force. ARTICLE 6 An offender under this Treaty shall ... and lias not done so. ARTICLE 9. The treaty shall be drawn up in Arabic in duplicate and shall come ...

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