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  1. ‘File 4/8 (2/4a) Article regarding Bahrain-U.K. Treaty; Dismissal of Ali bin Hussain, Secretary to the Manama Municipality’ [‎front] (1/106)

    ^ut T t Bahraln-U.K:'. Treaty; J^%in Hussain, Secretary of-, the Manama Municipality ...

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  2. 'File 61/14 VI (D 50) Relations between Nejd and Iraq' [‎178r] (378/830)

    go that souls may rest assured that the treaties have a value to be respected# ...

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  3. Coll 1/67 'Aden. Changes in administration in the event of separation from India: miscellaneous questions' [‎251r] (501/769)

    or require to execute separate treaties. 5 . The list compiled by the Commerce Department relates to treaties, etc., from 1931 only. Information relating to treaties entered into before May 1931 is contained in a M List of Treaties of Commerce, etc., and of certain Multilateral Treaties, which are applicable ...

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  4. Coll 6/61 'The Yemen: Relations between H.M.G. and the Imam.' [‎234r] (469/507)

    is av/are, the Resident at Aden proceeded to Sanaa on tne 15th December to conclude negotiations for a treaty with the Imam of the Yemen. The Resident has reported that the treaty was signed by both parties on tne 11th February. The text of the treaty has not yet been received. Some minor al terations from tne final draft may ...

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  5. Coll 6/65 'Relations between Saudi-Arabia and the Yemen.' [‎44r] (87/917)

    ARTICLE 6 of the TREATY OP TAIP. " The two High Contracting "parties undertake immediately to withdraw their "troops from the country which, by virtue of this "Treaty, becomes tie possession of the other party, "and to safeguard the inhabitants and troops". ...

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  6. File 868/1904 Pt 1 'Consular: Exemption of Foreign Consular Officers from Imperial and Municipal Taxation' [‎177v] (54/113)

    States Uruguay ... Zanzibar ... Description and Date of Convention or Treaty. Treaty of Friendship, ... Consular Convention Consular Convention And Declaration... Treaty of Commerce and Navigation Treaty of Commerce Treaty of Commerce Agreement ... Treaty of Commerce Convention Regulating Questions of Inheritance ...

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  7. ‘Military report on the British Protectorate of Aden and the Amir of Dala’s territories, with special reports on certain other tribes and adjoining border districts’ [‎144r] (292/490)

    209 STATEMENT B. Shewing treaties and engagements with various sections of the Suheli trfbe, ... to good be haviour. Sections. Protectorate Treaties. Other treaties or engagements. Stipends. Presents. Dollars per annum. Rs. Coast Sections. Atifi ••• ••• Prot. Treaty, 1889. Aitcheson, Vol. XI, No.XLVII. ...

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  8. 'Muscat Dhows Arbitration. In the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague. Grant of the French Flag to Muscat Dhows. The case on behalf of the Government of His Britannic Majesty.' [‎80v] (173/208)

    6 IMPORTATION INTO THE CONTROVERSY OF THE TREATY OF NOVEMBER 17, 1844. France is in error ... to the Treaty between France and Muscat of the 17th November, 1844, is in any sense a fait nouveau. That Treaty ... " Contre-Memoire " (p. 7) it is contended that this Treaty is res inter alios acta, and the references ...

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  9. ‘1/1 Volume V Koweit Saudi Relations’ [‎237r] (482/648)

    Treaty of Friendship between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. as Re Captain de Gaury T s draft: Article 1 is the same mutatis mutandis Article 1 of the Iraq Saudi Arabia Treaty. No comments. (Article 2 of the Iraq Saudi Arabia Treaty is not applicable to Kuwait.) Articles 2 and 3 are the same as Articles ...

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  10. ‘File 16/29 Miscellaneous. Iraq Treaties’ [‎6r] (11/28)

    Annexure to ‘Iraq Government Gazette No. 29 of 12-7-31 TREATY of Extradition between ‘IRAQ and HEJAZ, NAJD and DEPENDENCIES h * ...

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