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  1. 'Muscat: Proposed Tariff Treaty' [‎158r] (323/509)

    ,treaty ahall be ratified in conformity with the laws of the respective ... such exchange, the prorision above specified shall become effective as a provision of trie treaty of November 17 f 1344 f and shall have the same force as the other articles of that treaty# IK alTHESS WHEiiSOS ...

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  2. Coll 6/61 'The Yemen: Relations between H.M.G. and the Imam.' [‎236r] (473/507)

    of the treaty, the Imam was required to remove the restrictions which he had imposed on overland ... and subjects of the Chiefs who are in treaty relations with His Majesty’s Government. Before the signature of the treaty, the Resident had reported that all these requirements had been fulfilled. The conclusion ...

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  3. Coll 29/2 'Bushire Residency: question of transfer to Bahrain' [‎190r] (384/902)

    or not in these circumstances it is necessary even to have a special treaty article in order to ensure that the headquarters ... as the Persians are concerned, this officer is simply Consul General, it might appear that the treaty position ... m Persia. The existing provision is apparently Art.9 of the Treaty of Peace of 4th March, 1857; ...

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  4. Coll 20/14(4) 'Muscat: General discussions with Sultan during his visit to India and UK in 1937/38' [‎60r] (120/149)

    A number of matters were discussed, the chief of which were as follows : (1) The new Treaty * Secretary explained to the Sultan that though the Crovemment of India were interested in the Treaty in view ... this and other Treaties had been in the past concluded between Great Britain and the Sultans of Muscat* He wished ...

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  5. 'Muscat: Proposed Tariff Treaty' [‎127r] (265/509)

    the receipt of your note of August 18, 1930, referring to previous correspondence on the sub, ect of a treaty ... of Article III of the treaty of 1833 between the two Parties, and asking to be furnished with a draft of the proposed new treaty. herewith the draft of a treaty, as requested, which this Government is prepared ...

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  6. Coll 6/19 'Arabia: (Saudi Arabia) Hejaz-Nejd Annual Report.' [‎197r] (394/540)

    /44* 43 35. May 5, 1932.—Treaty with Afghanistan. Signed at Jedda. Not ratified or published up to the 31st December, 1932. The following note replaces Notes 1 and 2 to the general list of treaties:— Soviet ... without having concluded formal * treaties with Ibn Saud. Poland and the United States of America have ...

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  7. Coll 6/61 'The Yemen: Relations between H.M.G. and the Imam.' [‎235r] (471/507)

    treaty provides for the maintenance of peace and friendship between the Contracting Parties* ... is to be the subject of negotiations to be initiated before the expiry of the period of the present treaty, but, ... existing in regard to the frontier on tne date of tne signature of the treaty, and undertake to prevent any ...

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  8. ‘A collection of treaties, engagements and sanads relating to India and neighbouring countries’ [‎208] (531/578)

    ccyin AFGHANISTAN—APPENDIX NO. XI— 1926. Protocol of the Treaty of reciprocal neutrality ... the treaty of reciprocal neutrality and non-aggression between the Government of the Union of Soviet ... Governments, have exchanged the following state- ments on the occasion of signing the said treaty. His ...

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  9. 'File 35/86 IV Muscat Treaty' [‎188r] (408/444)

    Article l2 > Jurisdiction* By the oraission of the first sub paragraph of the old Treaty His ... in the Treaty e.g# jurisdiction oyer British subjects# The Sultan can, therefore, impose ai^y tax he pleases on British subjects* Articles 4 and 6 of the American Treaty give iknerican subjects certain fiscal ...

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  10. 'File 35/86 IV Muscat Treaty' [‎190r] (414/444)

    points which strike me as regards the draft Treaty© (a) Article 15 * Bankruptcy is not covered in the American Treaty. In the French Treaty, however, Article 8 deals with this subject. In the draft Treaty ... to the French bankruptcy Law occurs in the French Treaty. It may be that this is not an important point, (b) ...

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