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  1. Competing Theories of Spherical Trigonometry

    as the Epistle of the Sector in the Science of Geometry (Risālat al-qaṭṭāʿ fī ʿilm al-handasa).... Edmond Halley (1656–1742), Savilian ...

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  2. al-Bīrūnī: a high point in the Development of Islamic Astronomy

    about a third of the book. The remaining two thirds are dedicated to geometry, arithmetic, algebra,...

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  3. Kitāb al-tafhīm li-awā’īl ṣinā‘at al-tanjīm كتاب التفهيم لأوائل صناعة التنجيم Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad بيروني، محمد بن أحمد

    by the astrologer: geometry, arithmetic and number theory, and judicial astrology (see f. 2v, lines 8-9). The author...

    332 images in record  Ref: Or 8349  Date(s): 839
  4. Scientific and Philosophical Compendium of Aḥmad ibn Sulaymān Ghūjārātī (أحمد بن سليمان غوجاراتي)

    Muḥammad Ṭūsī نصير الدين محمد بن محمد طوسي Geometry--Early works to 1800 Astronomy--Mathematics...

    514 images in record  Ref: IO Islamic 824  Date(s): Dhū al-ḥijjah 1134