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  1. Arabic Scientific Tradition

    illustrates his debt to the new Arabic discipline of ‘ilm al-hay’a. Arabic Manuscripts Sciences and Medicine ...

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  2. Talkhīṣ tafsīr Jālīnūs li-fuṣūl Abuqrāṭ تلخيص تفسير جالينوس لفصول أبقراط Nīlī, Saʿīd ibn ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz نيلي، سعيد بن عبد ...

    بن عبد العزيز British Library: Oriental Manuscripts Codex; ff. ii+91+ii 14th century ark:/81055/vdc_100045292492.0x000001 Or 10881Manuscript ...

    198 images in record  Ref: Or 10881  Date(s): 14th century