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  1. 'Sirri Island Occupation by the Persian Govt. 1887-1902'

    This file contains correspondence concerning the Persian claim to the island of Sirrī, as well as their claim to and occupation of that place. In addition ...

    469 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/1/196  Date(s): 18 Sep 1887-27 Jun 1902
  2. 'B.11 668-II Sirri Island'

    This file contains correspondence mostly concerning the island of Sirri [Sirrī], as well as other Persian Gulf islands, including Tanb [Ṭanb] and Lesser ...

    294 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/1/197  Date(s): 31 May 1904-25 Oct 1910
  3. ‘File 28/10-(c) Anti-British Activities of Abdullah bin Faris, Secretary of the Shaikh of Sharjah’

    The file contains correspondence and other papers related to anti-British and pro-German propaganda being disseminated at Sharjah, and specifically that ...

    98 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/694  Date(s): 28 Jun 1940-21 Jan 1941
  4. Vol 77: Native Letters Inward

    This file consists of contemporaneous copies or summaries of letters received by the Resident in the Persian Gulf (usually based at Bushire but temporarily ...

    70 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/1/59  Date(s): 9 Apr 1832-24 Nov 1832
  5. 'File 38/1 II P. C. L. Exploration'

    The file contains correspondence relating to survey expeditions carried out in the Trucial Coast (today's United Arab Emirates) region by Petroleum Development ...

    148 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/862  Date(s): 17 Dec 1947-18 Apr 1949
  6. 'Head V Oman Ports Subject 1 to 18 inclusive'

    Bushire Residency correspondence, inwards and outwards. The correspondence is mainly concerned with the recovery of fines exacted against the rulers of ...

    686 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/1/162  Date(s): 10 Jan 1857-28 Jun 1861
  7. ‘Book 128’ Letters outward

    All letters in the file are from the British Political Resident in the Persian Gulf at his Residency on the Island of Karrack [Khārk, Jazīreh-ye] and ...

    102 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/1/94  Date(s): 18 Jan 1841-23 Dec 1841
  8. 'File 22/23 Recognition of FUJAIRAH as Independent State'

    The file correspondence begins with a note dated 1938 from the Residency Agent, Sharjah to the Political Agent, Bahrain announcing the succession of Shaikh ...

    120 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/623  Date(s): 02 Jan 1938-09 Oct 1950
  9. 'File 4/25 II Payments to the Ruler of Kalba.'

    The file contains records of payments made by the Political Agent, Bahrain, via the Residency Agent, Sharjah, the Political Officer, Trucial Coast (POTC), ...

    692 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/2/1142  Date(s): 3 Jan 1945-31 May 1949
  10. 'Book No 271' [Resident's Tour: Reports for 1858 and 1859]

    The volume contains official tour reports of the Political Resident in the Persian Gulf, Captain (James) Felix Jones, with supporting correspondence and ...

    231 images in record  Ref: IOR/R/15/1/176  Date(s): 21 Jan 1858-30 Mar 1863