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  1. A Syrian Voyage in Central and South America

    provides information regarding the religious practices, agriculture, industry, trade, and demographics... Trade 917 918...

    133 images in record  Ref: 12957  Date(s): 1894
  2. Travels in Arabia: Comprehending an Account of those Territories in Hedjaz which the Mohammedans Regard as Sacred

    several maps and diagrams. Appendices give details of pilgrimage and trade routes emanating from Mecca.... and abolition of the African slave ...

    481 images in record  Ref: 14716  Date(s): 1819/1829
  3. Poetry Collection

    Book World Digital Library Qatar National Library text Poetry Collection Born in what is now the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, ‘Ali ibn al-Muqarrab ...

    65 images in record  Ref: 12921  Date(s): 1889
  4. The Pillar Regarding Creation and Critique of Poetry

    were all part of the well-developed printing and publishing trade in early-20th century Cairo. The same...

    251 images in record  Ref: 12947  Date(s): 1907
  5. Commercial Law of Egypt

    It was applied by the so-called Mixed Courts in the context of increasing internationalization of trade and under...

    79 images in record  Ref: 12952  Date(s): 1883
  6. Attainment of Fluency in “Al-Muthallathat” Poetry

    and literature under prominent teachers at al-Azhar, Quwaydir devoted much of his time to international trade. He...

    67 images in record  Ref: 12967  Date(s): 1902
  7. Commentary of Nawawi’s Forty Sacred Hadiths

    Book World Digital Library Qatar National Library text Commentary of Nawawi’s Forty Sacred Hadiths Hashiyah ‘ala al-‘Arba’in al-Nawawiyah fi al-ahadith ...

    98 images in record  Ref: 12976  Date(s): 1874