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  1. File 5184/1913 Persian Gulf: status of Bushire Residency [‎128r] (260/390)

    Tg^j^aaai.La'Ji'g «2« ec leave pending retirements Coat will be divided equally between Indian end Home revenues^. Prideaux attalne the age of 55 on 25th NovaRber e 3926 s and is due for compitleory retireoent from that date 9 but» in view of the services ...

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  2. 'File 61/14 I (D 45) Relations between Nejd and 'Iraq' [‎65r] (143/606)

    s 61/14 and 6I/I5. Tdlagraai P. Jxem High C€?m'« 3.ssl©ner, Baghdad. Tc Kn^x, Kuwait. R«peat#a tc Bushlr® 60-S., and Lond©ii, 15c. Dated «nd rsctlved 20th March 192^. Furthar reports state that raiding party was £000 strong under Muheln Ibn Aghslm, Ihn Hum ...

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  3. 'File 19/176 IV (C 71) Bahrain Finances' [‎89r] (196/432)

    obi a community in Manamah to utilise the prevailing discontent as a means for obtaining certain political concessions from the government, but these concessions were really only sought by the Manamah Shias who have quite a different mentality to the ignor ...

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  4. 'Reports of administration for 1918 of divisions and districts of the occupied territories in Mesopotamia. Volume I' [‎134v] (273/470)

    Municipal Council.—The moment was opportune, for the Basrah Municipal Council had just come into being. This council as it exists at present requires to be looked upon as the beginning only of a bolder conception. It comprises eight of the leading gentleme ...

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