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  1. ‘File 86/2 XI (C 53) Bahrain Oil’ [‎98ar] (209/508)

    ^ i 86/^aiid 81/6 Telegram K.27 n S'rom -i-olitical Agent, Bahrain, '^o Political. Resident, iiushire. Ho. 7 58 Dated and received 2Cth August 1954. Royal Air ij'orce v/ish to mark landing ground at Yas Island begining of September. Have referred them to y ...

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  2. 'File 61/14 XIV (D 61) Relations between Najd and Iraq' [‎231r] (476/550)

    D.C. NO. 6Bi)~S. Thtf Hcniaency, Bunhlre, 2 7 th Dcceruber 1929. I have read your despatch Ko. 6t)5 of tlie 9th December 1929 with intercut. 1 tiBi not however sending it on as I j.ave already audreiir>ea Govern ment on the eame eubject, vide ray deaiJEitc ...

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  3. 'A Précis of the Relations of the British Government with the Tribes and Shaikhs of 'Arabistan By Lieutenant A T Wilson, Acting Consul for Arabistan' [‎34r] (72/143)

    53 As, however, the Turkish Government were said to be in possession of a copy of the map 1 of the mediating Commissioners of 1850, His Majesty’s Government, in reply to a reference on the subject from the Resident to His Majesty s Minister, decided that i ...

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  4. 'File 1/2 (Vol I) Matters affecting the Sultan of Najd' [‎105r] (226/502)

    .3191)10 OVJB / Telegram P | f 4 f. ' From Resident,. Bushire. To Colonial Office, London. Repeated to Baghdad and Jerusalem. No,898. Dated 10th October 1923. c t olie • j txi C cooler "uiic 1 o3,i 1 ioctl A^fen o a «. -ahrain reported that ic nad received ...

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  5. 'File [1/39 I] Major T Hickinbotham, OBE (Private File)' [‎327v] (701/836)

    CONDITIONS. 1. The Company or any Telegraph Company or Government Telegraph Administration, by whom this telegram is or would in the ordinary course of the telegraphic service be forwarded, may decline to forward such telegram although it has been received ...

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